A Rare TG Green Blue and White Cheese Dome – Limited Edition

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Here we have a rare Limited Edition TG Green Blue and White Cheese Dome its huge! measuring 21 cm tall when on the base and the same across the base. I have taken lots of photos of this item so study them well as they are far better than any description I can write, but here goes. The base does have light crazing to the glaze, (as do so many of these cheese dishes), and some minor staining from the grease of the cheese. The dome also has crazed glazing here and there, mainly around the bottom although there are a couple of lines around the top too. Grease has also penetrated some of the crazed lines darkening them. Lastly under the wording CHEESE, the blue slip appears lighter, I have tried to show this in the pictures. I have tried to be as picky as I can when describing this item, but when all said and done, it displays beautifully and these are rare and hard to find so grab yourself one while you can.

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