Domino By T.G.Green

From Fee & Me Antiques

Item Number: 699, please quote this when enquiring about this item.

Description: This is a very rare part set consisting of 2 tiny egg cups and a egg cup plate which seats four egg cups.

Dimensions: Each Egg cup stands just under 3cm high, the plate is is 16cm square

Markings: Made in England

Condition: Egg cup No1 is not marked and is slightly faded around the rim, the other has "Made in England" on the bottom and has a fine crack on the rim. The plate is slightly paler blue than most of the Domino I have, it is lightly crazed on the blue surface, the crazing showing up more so on the back, it also has a very fine hair line crack, again more noticeable on the back white surface of the plate.

Prices's: As a set £50, individually the egg cups will be £15 each and the plate £30.

The Egg Cup

The Bottom


The Plate

The Bottom

A Different View